Эдвин ван клиф

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Комментарий от thegrayfox117

The greatest human engineer in Azerothian history, former leader of the Defias Brotherhood, and greatest mortal threat ever known to Stormwind. Raised by a stonemason and living as a ‘roofwalker’ in his youth, Vancleef’s abilities showed their true potential after being betrayed by the corrupt nobles of Stormwind. It is worth noting that Edwin Vancleef’s body was never properly identified. His assassination was ordered by the leader of the SI:7, Mathias Shaw, who knew him in his youth. When adventurers turn in Vancleef’s head to Gyran Stoutmantle, it is the last we hear of the head, and no mention is made of sending it to Mathias. Vancleef is described as man who’s “overall appearance is so common, in fact, that he would be almost instantly forgettable if not for the spotless, scarlet bandanna fastened around his neck”. For all we know, Vancleef could still be alive, waiting for the right time to reveal himself.The Brotherhood shall prevail.

Комментарий от Deathsdefend

Here’s some lore of Edwin:Эдвин ван Клиф grew up as a stonemason. When Stormwind was in ruins from the Second War, he helped rebuild Stormwind at it’s finest. Stormwind was supposed to and promised him handsome pay for his duties. Yet, when he finished, they ripped him off. Thousands, maybe ten thousands of dollars was supposed to go to Vancleef, But Stormwind said no. He was furious and demanded pay for his fine job he did, But King Varian Wrynn spat at his feet, And ordered his men to throw him out to Stormwinds gates. There, the men that were also thrown out of Stormwind sat there looking at Edwin. Vancleef gave them Red Bandanas, And made a group called The Defias Brotherhood. He vowed and his men vowed revenge on Stormwind for not paying him. But, he never lived to get his real money.

Комментарий от Valko

Not a big lore fan? This is what ya gotta know:Him and his buddies rebuilt SW, weren’t payed, and kicked out. He formed the Brotherhood, and (I think) they were building a boat to attack Stormwind all from an underground cave.Edwin…is awesome.

Комментарий от kkuehnl

Deathsdefend left something out– the reason his men got thrown out, is for throwing a rock during a riot. Rock hit Tiffin Wrynn in the head, and killed her. unable to find the EXACT killer, he kicked them all out.

Комментарий от FoxyFoxtrot

apparently the old version of this “lovable” character used to drop a quest object that wowhead has trouble recognizing.. I just found one in my bank. Since it hasn’t been mentioned here or on the other vancleef link, I thought that I should share the tidbit.the item is now obsolete, but here are the details any way ^_^the “An unsent letter” An Unsent Letter] which would then start Неотправленное письмо Desc: Searching Edwin VanCleef’s person, you discover, among other things, an unsent letter. It is addressed to Baros Alexston, the City Architect of Stormwind, City Hall, Cathedral Square.It appears to be recently written and sealed.the discussion with Alexston upon reading the letter:Edwin VanCleef, you say? I would as much expect a letter from my dead grandmother… So you’ve killed him then? Pardon me in saying, but I’m somewhat surprised. He was a peerless fighter in his younger years. Let’s see what he finds the need to write to me about after so many years.Edwin… I see the years haven’t changed you a bit, an idealist as ever, and a romantic. He doesn’t care who he hurts, . Revenge has consumed him. But then, I’m not sure I can blame him. ….and then continue on into another 11 quests:The Unsent Letter Bazil ThreddThe Stockade RiotsThe Curious VisitorShadow of the PastLook to an Old FriendInfiltrate the CastleItems of Some ConsequenceAttackThe Head of the BeastBrotherhood’s EndAn Audience With the King and reward your efforts with Печать Ринна

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